Message from the Chairman

Supporting a girl by education is better than supporting her by dowry.


J.A.T Arts, Science & Commerce College (for Women) was established by my father late Hon'ble Alhaj Haroon Ansari Ahmed Sardar in 1989 with a grand mission of educating the women belonging to minority communities because they are the most vulnerable members of such communities. We firmly believe that education is an irreplaceable basis of all human progress. After completing a long academic journey of three decades, we can proudly say that we have not only contributed our best to accomplish the mission but also taken this prestigious college to new heights overcoming all hardships and barriers.

This college strives hard not to restrict itself only to imparting bookish knowledge but inculcate humanitarian values like wisdom, compassion, courage, integrity and reliability in girl students with the assurance of their optimum safety and security.

We believe in holistic education of the students that compasses academics, curricular and co-curricular activities and learning of life skills. We endlessly make efforts to use state of-the-art teaching methodologies and technologies for conveying an internationally acceptable education. In this college, students are continuously encouraged to be self confident, independent, academically unsurpassed and ever-ready to take up challenges. The campus, administration and academic facilities of the college bear witness to these efforts.

In order to promote quality education and enhancement of institutional qualities, the college's key focus has incessantly been on its faculty development: firstly teachers are uncompromisingly appointed on the basis of their caliber and qualities, continuous faculty development programs are held for real value education and excellence in academics. In turn the teachers also inspire the students to excel in their performances by learning about themselves and their constantly changing society.

Finally we whole-heartedly express our heartfelt gratitude to the parents for their unflagging contributions. Only because of their valuable support is this college popularly known as the most trustworthy institute for girls' education. We can confidently assure them that this institute is the best place for their child's education. We also offer a hearty welcome to the parents, as important stakeholders of this college, for their active interest and involvement in the progress of the students as well as the college. We look forward to their never-ending support.

Ansari Nehal Ahmed