About The Founder (Alhaaj Haroon Ahmed Ansari Saheb)

To Show the Path to Others one has to Stand against all odds


In every age and period there are people who dare to think differently and have the courage to do things differently. They choose to walk on very uncommon paths. They are inherently non-conformist. They preferably don’t go with the masses but lead them in the right direction.

Alhaaj Haroon Ahmed Ansari Saheb possessed all the aforesaid qualities in him that he is even today known as a great leader of leaderless people. He was born in 27 th January, 1923 in Malegaon, Nashik. His whole life he dedicated in finding new paths, facing new challenges and reaching to new heights because he knew the old ways are inevitably insufficient to overcome the new problems. He from very early age had the flair to be a guide for people. For becoming a full-fledged leader, he needed to learn some strategic qualities. He first worked under Aruna Asaf Ali and Ram Manohar Lohia. He was a freedom fighter. He preferably adopted the path of violence to achieve freedom. Because of some violent acts, he remained underground to hide himself from the British Raj. Many a time he had been jailed after the exposure. He is known as true patriot and freedom fighter. In the same way and extent, he was very much concerned about his community and its all-round development.

To his record, some of his very prominent achievements can be enumerated here. First of all, in the field of politics he one after another he achieved many successes like he became member of Malegaon Municipal Council from 1945 to 1954, President Malegaon Municipal Council from 1954 to 1958, Member of Legislative Assembly in Government of Maharashtra from 1957 to 1967. He joined Congress Party as a result of that he was appointed as the chairman of State Powerloom Board and the member of State Haj Committee. While serving simultaneously on both the posts he helped people a lot. In turn the people of Malegaon entitled him as the “FATHER OF MALEGAON POLITICS”.

In 1972 the city of Malegaon underwent a very severe drought. The effect of which was directly received by powerloom industry. For bringing this industry back to its halcyon days he proposed two innovative ways. First to start a cooperative bank and second to establish self-operated spinning mill. The proposals were supported by all the cognoscenti of the town. Soon after that Janta Cooperative Bank and Malegaon Cooperative Spinning Mill were materialized. Both are beneficially functional even today.

In the field of education, a series of recording breaking works he undertook and accomplished, overcoming all the odds and oppositions. For instance, he thought of giving education to Muslim girls, whom giving education was considered as stigma by their society. Finally, in 1960, he started D. Ed. College at various temporary locations i.e. Bhikku Chawk, Isalmpura, Aziz Kallu Building and Musawarat Chawk and such other places. At the end of the day, it was unchangeably established in survey No. 10, Islampura by excavating and shifting the inhabitants there. After that, he ceaselessly went on establishing many educational institutions like:

  • J.A.T. Grils' High School in 1962
  • J.A.T. Jr. College of Education and Night High School in 1970
  • J.A.T. Pre-primary and Primary School in 1982
  • J.A.T. Senior College in 1989

Today, 7000 girl students and nearly 1500 boy students are getting education in J.A.T. Campus from KG to PG. The campus takes care of educational, academic and moral development of the students by providing safe and secure background. As a result of this paramount mission, Malegaon is the city where the number of Muslim educated girls is the largest.

He dreamt of opening a massive girls’ hostel in the campus but his life could not give him the chance to build it. But this unfulfilled dream of a father was fulfilled by his promising son, Hon’ble Alhaaj Nehal Ahmed Ansari in 2008. Haroon Ahmed Ansari Saheb completed the journey of his selflessly serving life on 11 th August, 2001.